Monday, June 20, 2011

Life needs a TRY

Today when I think back, I have a laugh
A year reverse, I thought, Life was so very tough
It was then, the friends who stood by
Tried bring senses, tried stop me to cry
Fool was I, thought, she has a heart which can thaw

Went to the cliff, but was held back
Tried to flee, but was not my luck
Suffered there, cursing, little did I knew of future
Never knowing, would have friends & “a life” to nurture
Had lot of learning, methinks, now when I look back

Time passed by, it healed me dry
things felt in place, only needed wings to fly
It was then she came in, like a sweet south breeze
she gave me the wings,& life is like “say cheese” :D
Fool am I not, life is fair, full of fun, all it needed was a little TRY

life you shock, Friends you rock, Dear you super-rock….

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dulche Mon Hotath Srabone

Kokhon je hotath brishti naamlo….
Kokhon je hotath baadh bhanglo….
Jake aatke rekhechi etokal
Hotath kiser neshai se chutlo

Ghum bhenge hotath dekhi, tar ullas
Thoter kone halka hasi, songe dirghoshas….
Sotyi hoyeo mone hoy, sotyi noy, kore bhoy
Soyechi dukho bar bar… tobe ki aabar?

Dekhe taar mayabini chokh, sune taar mishte haasi
Bhese gelo mon, hotath joware
Klanto, sranto, poth hara nabik, jeno peye gelo jiboner disha
Jibon judhdhe jeette Jodi hoy, chai taar bharosa…

Hotath jeno sob stabdha, moner majhe byakul bedona…..
Prosno sudhu, du haath bariye diyechi aami, debe ki se sahara?


I want to swim, I want to go
I want to stop not, till can’t anymore
Suddenly, I caught myself in a maelstrom,
But, I still want to swim, I still want to go

I see nothing, but water; I do nothing, but go down
I swam here for ages, unknown I am not
Never has it been so overwhelming, that I felt
But, I still want to swim, I still want to go

There it was, growing in force
I was trying, trying to get some air
Desperate was I, losing all my hope, in despair
But, I still want to swim, I still want to go

My body went numb, feet went cold
I can’t swim, I got stuck
Was losing my vision, losing my thoughts
At Last, I knew, I can’t swim, I can’t go any long….

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If horses had wings, they could fly
If life had been fair, I could rely

Something I ask not, but I get
Something I want to die for, but don't

Times fly away, good memories leave you dry
You want to run, but the pains just stay by

Here I am, old and frail
Never know, when life will fail

Reflection I see, there in my mind
Loved you truly, thought you were mine

Ask I, who the Gods are
"Why you play, if you are?"

Have shed lot of tears, cursing life unfair
Now, Smile will I, stop me if you dare!!!